Welcome to Koi Kare

If you find yourself without the time to give your pond and filtration system the attention it requires, why not call on Koi-Kare, a company set up to offer support and assistance to those that have the koi pond, but don't want the associated chores of cleaning and regular maintenance.

Based in Amersham on the Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire borders, with easy access to Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, we are ideally placed to look after ponds and koi in the surrounding areas, and with customers from Aylesbury, Oxford, Milton Keynes and all the areas in between, it's easy to see how our reputation is growing.

Koi-Kare offers a range of services that are not only developed to make your life easier but also to ensure that your koi receive the best possible care they can.

Whether you're looking to have your first pond designed and built, an existing pond redesigned or you'd simply like the peace of mind knowing that someone is watching your koi whilst you're on holiday, then koi-kare can help.